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Organic Beef Northern Virginia

The best beef isn’t just local and grass-fed: it’s also organic.

*Organic beef means that there were no hormones used to raise the animal and that the animal was fed a diet of organic grasses and hay free of pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While GMOs have been extremely controversial in their usage, there’s been an outcry of the public to be informed about whether or not there are GMOs in their food. Unfortunately, at many conventional farms, cows are fed corn, a grain that is unnatural to them and their digestive systems. As much as up to 90% of all corn in the United States is genetically modified.

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Benefits of Northern Virginia Organic Beef

Organic beef doesn’t use GMOs as cow feed. At Cottonwood Ranch, our organic beef grass-fed beef only eats a diet of natural grasses. In the wild, cows are natural grazers. Being fed corn is unnatural and creates an inferior quality of beef. To get the best organic beef, your organic beef grass-fed beef needs to come from an animal that lived as nature intended.

At Cottonwood Ranch in Front Royal, Virginia, we believe our cattle are at their healthiest and happiest when eating what they’ve been eating since the beginning of time—natural grass. We supplement their diet with a certified organic hay blend as well as beer mash. The beer mash consists of wheat, hops, and barley. This mash consists of a high concentration of protein and enzymes that ensure the cattle’s proper nutrition to create the best organic beef grass-fed beef.

Buying Local Organic Beef Is The Healthiest

When you’re looking for organic beef at your supermarket, you can’t trust the label. Industries today have found many loopholes when it comes to organic and free-range standards. Farmers are still allowed to use pesticides and insecticides as long as they are derived from organic ingredients. They’re also allowed to label their organic beef from their cattle as free-range as long as they have been allowed access to the outside at some point in their lives. To get true organic beef grass-fed beef, you need to think on a smaller scale: look locally.

local organic beef in northern virginiaLocal organic beef means that the cows have been born and raised on one ranch. Transferring cows from farm to farm—or to a slaughterhouse hundreds of miles away—is unnatural. Cows are happiest and healthiest when they’re at a stable ranch being well cared for. At Cottonwood Ranch, we believe that organic beef is the best quality when it’s humanely and ethically treated.

We never use antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones on our cattle to give you the best organic beef grass-fed beef. They’re allowed to age naturally and fully mature just as they would in nature. We never consider slaughtering an animal that’s less than two years old—the age needed to fully mature for Black Angus cattle—therefore our cattle can live and make great organic beef until the time comes for slaughter.

Our Animals Are Treated Humanely

Our cattle are then transported by our family to a local USDA-approved slaughterhouse a mere 40 minutes away. This local slaughterhouse is very small and typically slaughters no more than fifteen animals per day. This is a far cry from what you’ll find at commercial slaughterhouses where unethical means are used to stun and kill the animal because there’s a large abundance of them. Our animals die a humane death at a local slaughterhouse. This way we ensure that your organic beef comes form animals that have had happy lives with us and our family.

buy local organic meat in northern virginiaWe take organic beef seriously. Not using pesticides on the grasses that our cattle eat are part of an investment we’re making in our community. These harsh substances eventually run off into rivers and creeks and damage our land. We believe the best way to raise an animal is naturally and that any unnatural substances will make an inferior quality of organic beef.

We take pride in our organic beef to give you and your family the best. Our organic beef grass-fed beef comes from cows that have been with us since birth. We’re also very open about our practices and our ranch. You and your family are welcome to come and see where your organic beef came from—simply make an appointment to come and tour our farm.

Our Black Angus organic beef comes with a unique marbling effect that makes for great tenderness and flavor. This flavor is further enhanced by their grass-fed nature, will allows the beef to be nutritious, low in fat and calories, and healthy for you and your family.

Come and experience our organic beef grass-fed beef yourself and taste the difference!

*Our beef is NOT “CERTIFIED” Organic

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Why Organic?

  • No hormones used
  • Diet of organic grasses
  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

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Quality local organic beef

Organic beef that’s local is different from anything you’ll find at the store. Our cattle are part of our family and are given total free range of our pastures during their lives here. At Cottonwood Ranch, we believe that the best organic beef comes from natural, happy cows. This is why we only use natural practices to raise and care for our animals.