Why Buy Local Grass Fed Beef


Why Buy Local Grass Fed Beef?

In order to eat the healthiest food, you want to be sure that what you’re buying is healthy, too. When you buy local grass fed beef, you’re making a decision to purchase meat that’s a cut above the rest.

Local grass fed beef is not only superior in nutrients and taste, but enables you to achieve the healthy lifestyle you want. Picking up beef at the supermarket doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be eating an animal that lived a natural life or ate a wholesome diet.

So why should you buy local grass fed beef? Here are a few reasons that’ll make you consider making the switch!

You Know You’re Getting 100% Grass Fed

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Unfortunately, the term “grass fed” doesn’t hold its weight at the supermarket. This claim has no backing by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), so it’s usually only used as a marketing term.

Sometimes beef that has the claim “grass fed” on it has been grass fed—for a period of time. Often, these cattle are grass fed for a few months of their short lives and then finished on grains to fatten them up for slaughter. So although the beef was grass fed at one point, it isn’t 100% grass fed.

When you buy local grass fed beef, you know you’re getting 100% grass fed. You can usually talk directly to the rancher who raised the cattle and get information about their diet. This is service you won’t find at the grocery store!

Eating Clean Is Easier

Eating a balanced meal of vegetables and meat seems healthy. Many people today are striving to eat cleaner, which means consuming a diet of less processed foods and more whole foods.

What if you knew that your meat source had been fed candy? Not only would this change the nutritional content of your protein source, but it would change the way you looked at your meat.

With the increasing prices of grain, some farmers are choosing to feed their cattle sweets, which are cheaper and more available than grains at times. When you skip supermarket beef and buy local grass fed beef, you can be sure that what you’re eating never ate a candy bar.

A Grass Fed Diet Provides Superior Beef

We’ve talked before about the higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in grass fed beef. This is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that is hugely beneficial to the body based on research. It’s not only been shown to help stabilize blood sugar, but also to help reduce your risk of heart disease and possibly even cancer.

When you buy local grass fed beef, you’re investing in superior nutrition for your health. Research has also shown that regular consumption of CLA can also help promote a healthy weight, especially among people who are already overweight. CLA is significantly higher in grass fed products such as milk, butter, and meat.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our reliance on fossil fuels for energy to create our food and power our homes contributes to our carbon footprint. Studies show that grass fed beef actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases food security. This means that when you choose to buy local grass fed beef, you can help reduce carbon emissions and create a more breathable planet for us all.

Grass fed beef is more than just healthy eating. When you buy local grass fed beef, you help reduce carbon emissions, eat healthier, and feel secure with the knowledge that you know exactly where your beef came from and what it ate. Invest in a greener planet and your health with this superior protein choice!