Local Grass Fed Beef Gainesville VA

Finding local beef Gainesville VA is easier than you think—Cottonwood Ranch is located only 40 minutes from Gainesville and is here to provide you with the best grass-fed beef Gainesville VA!

Buying local beef Gainesville VA is important and provides numerous benefits that commercial beef can’t offer. They include:

  • Know exactly where your food comes from. Even if you’re informed about the location of your organic beef Gainesville VA, you really don’t know if it’s been outsourced, how the cattle are treated, and what the farm is like. Knowing your local beef Gainesville VA comes from right here in Front Royal from a family-owned ranch is quite different. We’re here to ensure you get the best grass-fed beef Gainesville VA that you’re looking for.
  • Support your local community. Commercial meat markets don’t have an investment in the Northern Virginia community the same way that we do. At Cottonwood Ranch, we live and work in the area that we serve, so we have a personal investment in your organic beef Gainesville VA. Support your local farms, ranches, and gardens by buying local.
  • Get natural beef. Not all beef is created equal—grass-fed beef Gainesville VA means the cow has been pastorally raised, allowed to fully mature without hormones, and has been humanely treated. Natural beef tastes different than commercial beef because our animals are well-treated and naturally-raised to create great organic beef Gainesville VA.
  • Healthy benefits. Eating beef that’s been grass-fed means the meat is healthier and far leaner than anything you’ll find at the supermarket, and it’s all naturally done. Your grass-fed beef Gainesville VA has been given only natural grasses along with organic hay and beer mash. Your meat will be naturally higher in nutrients, have heart-healthy fats, and have more antioxidants than commercial meat.


local grass fed beef in gainesville virginia areaBuy Local Organic Grass Fed Beef Gainesville VA

At Cottonwood Ranch, we allow our cattle to graze year round, and they’re never confined in any way outside of the fences along our vast pastures. It’s important to us that your local beef Gainesville VA is as pure as possible—this means no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or anything else to bring you organic beef Gainesville VA. This also means that the animal’s diet is free of pesticides and insecticides. We never spray anything on the grasses our cattle eat to ensure their beef is top quality. We also give them a local beer mash from breweries in Alexandria VA, which consists of wheat, barley, and hops. No GMOs here to provide you with the best organic beef Gainesville VA.

In our passion to never compromise on the quality of grass-fed beef Gainesville VA and to keep our ranch as well as its animals as natural as possible, we let our cows come to full growth before even considering slaughter. This is something that’s not done at commercial farms and cows are typically slaughtered at a younger age than this. In addition to not being allowed to fully grow, the cattle at commercial farms are also not able to mature naturally. They’re injected with hormones and steroids to make them grow faster.

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Organic Beef Is Far Healthier

At Cottonwood Ranch, we believe the best way to raise an animal to create the best local beef Gainesville VA is naturally. We do not engage in modern animal-raising techniques and we believe that animals are healthiest and happiest in their natural state. So our cattle are out there grazing regardless of the weather, and of course provided with shelter should they need it.

We breed and raise our own Black Angus cattle at Cottonwood Ranch, and the cattle are cared for exclusively by our family in Front Royal, Virginia. Our ranch is dedicated to natural practices and keeping our community safe and healthy while also providing great local beef Gainesville VA. We’re invested in what we do because we believe that eating locally and naturally is important to wellness. Our organic beef Gainesville VA is free of pesticides, GMOs, hormones, and any other substances that are unnatural to the cattle.

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Family Owned and Operated Ranch

Our family also invites you to make an appointment to come and tour the ranch to see the cattle for yourself. No commercial farm will let you do this. We’re proud of the way we raise our cattle to give you grass-fed beef Gainesville VA. The fat marbling in the meat in addition to its exquisite flavor and tenderness make local beef Gainesville VA the best around. Supermarkets simply can’t provide you with this quality.

We’re proud to be a part of the Gainesville community and invite you to try our grass-fed beef Gainesville VA.




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Why Organic?

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  • Diet of organic grasses
  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

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Local Grass Fed Beef Gainesville Virginia

Investing in your community for local beef Gainesville VA and tasting the difference with grass-fed beef Gainesville VA means keeping your family’s food local. Knowing where your food comes from and how it’s treated is not only empowering and educational, but it also lets you appreciate the quality that we deliver with every organic beef Gainesville VA order.