Why Buy Local Grass Fed Beef in Northern Virginia

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Why Buy Local Grass Fed Beef in Northern Virginia

When you’re searching for meat a cut above the rest, you’ve undoubtedly heard of grass-fed beef.

Cows that are allowed to graze on natural grasses as the main part of their diet produce meat that’s superior to anything you’ll find at the supermarket. Local grass fed beef Northern Virginia is even better.

Local cows are not transported long distances and get to live much as they would naturally in the wild. Here’s why choosing to purchase local grass fed beef Northern Virginia can make a difference for our planet and your health.

Invest in a Healthier World

Local Grass Fed Beef Northern VirginiaYour purchases make a difference.

When you choose local grass fed beef Northern Virginia, you’re choosing beef that wasn’t fed genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) or unnatural grains. This type of diet for cattle can lead to an increase in methane gas, which promotes emissions that are 23 times more harmful to our atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Toxic runoff from pesticide and herbicide residue is reduced when you purchase meat from farms that choose not to engage in these practices. Our grasses are never treated with any type of pesticide or herbicide, creating healthy grass for both the cattle and our planet.

Carbon emissions are also reduced when you purchase locally. Did you know that some cattle are transported for days before they reach the slaughterhouse where they’re killed? Our local slaughterhouse is just 30 minutes away from the ranch where our cattle spend their entire lives.

You’re investing in a healthier planet by choosing local grass fed beef Northern Virginia.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Local Grass Fed Beef Northern Virginia

local beefMany people seek grass-fed beef not just because of its sustainability, but also because of its health benefits.

Grass-fed beef is naturally higher in antioxidants such as vitamin E and healthy fats such as omega-3s. Meat eaters realize how unhealthy cuts from factory farms can be—with a higher fat content and even higher calorie content, conventional beef isn’t as healthy as its grass-fed counterpart.

People also want to avoid the hormones that are often present in conventional beef. Factory farms treat their cattle with hormones to make them grow faster, but it results in an inferior quality of meat in both taste and health benefits.

Just as a great meal requires the best ingredients, so does quality beef require cows that were fed healthy, wholesome food. This means a diet of natural grasses to create the best local grass fed beef Northern Virginia.

Support Happy and Healthy Cows

grass fed cowsIf you’ve ever wondered about where your beef came from, you know that not all cows are happy cows.

Happy cows are cows that are allowed to mature naturally. Local grass fed beef Northern Virginia means your meat shouldn’t receive any antibiotics or hormones. Our cattle don’t need hormones because we never consider the cow for beef until it has reached full maturity.

These cows also have a diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals because it consists of natural grass and hay. When cattle are allowed to live a longer, healthier life, they provide quality meat that tastes better and is healthier for you. Local cattle that are allowed to graze naturally are innately happier animals.

When you purchase beef locally in Northern Virginia, you’re supporting healthy and happy cows who live a natural life with us on the ranch.

There are many reasons to consider buying local grass fed beef Northern Virginia. From contributing to a healthier planet to investing in your own health, you can support local ranches that care about their animals and the environment. Choosing local grass-fed beef means choosing the best for you and your family!