Local Grass Fed Beef Fairfax VA

Finding local beef Fairfax VA is easier than you think—Cottonwood Ranch is committed to providing you with grass-fed beef Fairfax VA with free home delivery or a scheduled ranch pickup!

The benefits of organic beef Fairfax VA are numerous. From our ranch pastures to our cows, there are no chemicals, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics used. We believe that the best local beef Fairfax VA is beef that’s been untreated and allowed to develop naturally.

local grass fed beef fairfax vaGrass Fed Beef Delivery Fairfax VA

Grass-fed beef Fairfax VA is the best beef on the market. Our Black Angus cattle are allowed to fully mature before they’re considered for slaughter, and we breed and raise all our cattle right here at Cottonwood Ranch. The ordering process is simple, and our ethics give you peace of mind when ordering local beef Fairfax VA. This is because we believe that animals should be allowed to live naturally without being force fed grains or given any growth hormones or antibiotics.

Organic beef Fairfax VA means giving you the best of what nature has to offer when it comes to our Black Angus cattle. Black Angus beef is known for its wonderful taste and exquisite marbling, where fat is distributed throughout the muscle. When it’s grass-fed beef Fairfax VA, this marbling is full of healthy fats that can actually promote healthy cholesterol levels and provide you with antioxidants. Local beef Fairfax VA is about keeping beef where it belongs—on the ranch, not far from your home, and ethically raised.

buy local gras fed beef fairfax virginiaLocal Organic Beef Delivery

When it comes to our grass-fed beef Fairfax VA, we’re proud to deliver your beef from our cattle. Our cattle are entirely free-range and are allowed to do as they please on our ranch in Front Royal, Virginia. They eat a diet of grass that’s never treated with pesticides or chemicals. This is why organic beef Fairfax VA is so important—we believe that any chemical usage is unnatural to the animals and doesn’t make for good beef.

We’re committed to providing you with local beef Fairfax VA because that’s what our family believes in—locally-sourced food, ethically-treated animals, and constructive use of the land. By keeping our organic beef Fairfax VA local, we’re able to provide you with free home delivery and any cuts of your choice.

If you’d prefer to pick up your grass-fed beef Fairfax VA, you’re welcome to our ranch at any time you want to schedule an appointment. We’d love to give you a tour to show you where our organic beef Fairfax VA is born and raised. This is something that commercial grocery stores simply can’t offer you—a chance to see the area where your local beef Fairfax VA was raised and lived its life. Most factory farms won’t even let you near the building where they keep their animals. Keeping cattle in a building is unnatural as it is, not to mention their animal-raising methods are less than ideal.

where to buy local grass fed beefNaturally Raised Animals

Letting an animal mature naturally is part of what organic beef Fairfax VA is all about. If the animal isn’t allowed to mature as it would in nature, we believe the quality of the meat is not as good. Keeping animals healthy and happy is part of what makes great grass-fed beef Fairfax VA.

When you’re teaching your kids the importance of local food and local farms, we’d love to be a part of that with our local beef Fairfax VA. Come and see our ranch by making an appointment. We’ve got an open-door policy at Cottonwood Ranch because we’ve got nothing to hide—our great organic local beef comes from cows that we’ve been with since birth. We take pride in the care we take of our animals to bring you great grass-fed beef Fairfax VA.

Eat Local Grass Fed Beef For Health Benefits

Grass-fed beef Fairfax VA enables you to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. By containing no unnatural bacteria (which is very different from commercial meats that contain different types of bacteria, some of which remain even after cooking), our organic beef Fairfax VA is safe for you and your family. Buying meat from the supermarket is a gamble—even if it tastes good, it’s far lower in nutrients than it would be if it was raised locally and pastorally. High levels of bad fats, bacteria, and a higher calorie count are all part of beef that comes from commercial farms where the cattle were likely sick and lived unnatural lives.


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Why Organic?

  • No hormones used
  • Diet of organic grasses
  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

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Local Grass Fed Beef Fairfax VA

At Cottonwood Ranch, we pride ourselves on bringing you true local beef Fairfax VA. Our cows stay in our family until the day we transport them locally to be slaughtered. Try our grass-fed beef Fairfax VA—healthier than your supermarket beef, easy to purchase and pickup (or get local delivery!), and ethically-raised, we take our cattle-raising and beef processing personally. We’re committed to bring you the best organic beef Fairfax VA.