Local Grass Fed Beef Delivery

At Cottonwood Ranch, we offer free local beef delivery with your $250 purchase of our grass-fed beef. Your local grass-fed beef delivery will de delivered on the third Saturday of every month by the rancher who’s been with your local beef the entire journey—from the cow’s birth to its death

If you’d prefer to pick up your local beef rather than get a local beef delivery, that’s fine as well. Please make an appointment with Cottonwood Ranch to pick up your beef and you’re welcome to come and get it. There’s no minimum order required for you to come and pick up your beef in Front Royal, Virginia.

local grass fed beef delivered

The ordering process is simple. Simply choose the beef you want, place your order, and it’ll be delivered to you or you can pick up at your scheduled appointment time. If other arrangements need to be made for your local beef delivery, we’re flexible at Cottonwood Ranch. Simply contact us and we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate your needs when it comes to your local grass-fed beef delivery.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your local beef delivery, please just let us know. We’ll accommodate your loss as best we can. We’re sure you’ll love your beef and come to appreciate the grass-fed quality that Cottonwood Ranch has to offer when it comes to local beef. Your satisfaction with us is 100% guaranteed.


We accept cash or check upon delivery or pickup. At Cottonwood Ranch, your local beef delivery is our priority, so we’re very accommodating and can even meet you halfway if you’re coming from a distance.

When it comes to your local grass-fed beef delivery, we’re here to get you and your family your beef safely. Our community is a central part of who we are, so we’re trusted to deliver on time and with your order of beef. Our grass-fed beef has a quality that’s hard to surpass, so we’re sure you’ll love your local beef delivery from us. If you’re not, just let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy.

delivery grass fed beef northern virginiaOur beef is known in the community for being local, grass-fed, and organically-raised. Our cows are always free-range and never confined until they leave our farm for slaughter and processing. Their lives here are happy as they’re well taken care of, fed a diet of natural grasses supplemented with certified-organic hay along with local beer mash, and given the care and attention they deserve.


Our family takes care of the cows ourselves, so when it comes times to place your order and get your local beef delivery, you can trust that our cows have been in our family and are now coming to yours. Keeping our community happy and safe with local beef delivery is important to us.

Our convenient process of local beef delivery makes it easy for you and your family to get local, grass-fed beef. Simply order with us and have your local grass-fed beef delivery. Don’t shop at supermarkets for beef that you don’t know where it came from or what it ate. Today’s commercial meats contain bacteria, less-than-ideal nutrition, and unhealthy fats. Trust Cottonwood Ranch with your local beef delivery. Our beef is organically-raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, and our cows are born and raised exclusively at our farm in Front Royal, Virginia.

loally delivered grass fed beefLocal beef delivery is something you can’t find at a supermarket or even at a large commercial farm—with Cottonwood Ranch’s local grass-fed beef delivery, the rancher who cared for the beef comes to your home to deliver what he and his family have worked hard to give to you and yours.

Our ideals are hard to match at Cottonwood Ranch. We believe that animals should be naturally raised, eat a natural diet, and die humanely. Our practices reflect our values and our commitment to give back to the communities that we love in Northern Virginia. Local beef delivery that’s free, from our family to yours, and getting you great beef on time, every time to be convenient to you is a process that’s just not matched anywhere else.

When you’re looking for grass-fed local beef delivery in Northern Virginia, Cottonwood Ranch delivers. Our cattle are safely raised at our farm, transported by us to the slaughterhouse, then the meat is left to age for two weeks. After this, the meat is vacuum-sealed and personally delivered to your home, where it can be stored in the freezer for up to a year.


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Why Organic?

  • No hormones used
  • Diet of organic grasses
  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

What About Delivery

  • FREE delivery $250 order
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Always FREE delivery from Front Royal
  • Coming from long distance? we’ll meet you half way

Convienent grass fed beef delivery

Feel great about your local grass-fed beef delivery with Cottonwood Ranch. Our beef is affordable, we’re accommodating and flexible, and your satisfaction with us is 100% guaranteed. Don’t rely supermarkets or commercial farms to deliver—get your local beef delivery from Black Angus cattle with Cottonwood Ranch. You’ll taste the difference from our cows and be pleased with your local grass-fed beef delivery—we guarantee it!