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Local Grass Fed Beef Arlington VA

Knowing where your food comes from has become a value of many families and communities today. People are recognizing the value and importance of knowing the source of their food, especially when it comes to meat.

With the demand for food around the world, things have changed and people have grown to value local food. Local food is never more important than it is than with meat. Meat today is typically raised at huge commercial farms, where the animals live short lives inside huge warehouses and are not allowed to eat a natural diet, be outside, or even grow naturally.

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Local Grass Fed Beef Arlington VA

At Cottonwood Ranch, our local beef Arlington VA is always naturally raised. We never use any growth hormones or antibiotics to bring you organic beef Arlington VA. This has been a belief and value of ours at Cottonwood Ranch—bringing the members of the community excellent grass-fed beef Arlington VA that’s healthy, organically-grown, and sustainable.

Our constructive use of the land allows us to naturally raise our cattle to bring you grass-fed beef Arlington VA. This means your local beef Arlington VA is fed a diet of natural grasses only supplemented with certified organic hay and a beer mash from breweries in Alexandria VA. It’s important to us that our cattle live a life as natural as possible with us on our ranch. We strive to bring you the best organic beef Arlington VA for you to enjoy and feel good about.


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Delivery Of Local Grass Fed Beef To Arlington Residents

Feeling good about locally-sourced, sustainable food is valued in our community. We know how much work it takes to produce food, and we believe that that much work isn’t worth it unless it’s done right. This is why we bring you only organic beef Arlington VA, so our cattle are allowed to grow naturally in their pasture, given the care and attention they need, and they’re with us for their entire lives. Grass-fed beef Arlington VA has its advantages, and there are many reasons grass-fed beef Arlington VA has become so popular over the last few years.

Grass-fed beef Arlington VA was the norm until the explosion in population and the demand for food. This is when commercial meat companies figured out that the cheapest and fastest way to raise an animal was with growth hormones and in commercial buildings so that land wasn’t needed. We believe that animals deserve to be treated well and humanely, even up to and through their death. We also believe that constructive use of the land by letting the cattle graze naturally on pastoral grasses brings the best local beef Arlington VA.

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Organic Local Beef Delivery Arlington Virginia

Organic beef Arlington VA is a popular choice because there’s no hormones or other chemicals in the meat. Local beef Arlington VA means your meat was bred and raised locally, never outsourced or traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to get to your door, and was treated humanely. When we deliver your local beef Arlington VA, we’re proud of what we’re bringing to your family and we stand behind our practices.

Modern animal-raising techniques may be convenient for many farms and ranches, but at Cottonwood Ranch, we believe that the best beef is grass-fed beef Arlington VA. This means letting the cows graze naturally, live their lives in the pasture, and behave as they would in nature. Many commercial farms that claim to be “free-range” simply allow their cattle access to the outside—their cattle are never actually outside. Organic beef Arlington VA means the cows live natural lives outside free of chemicals.

Buy Local Beef and Support Your Community

At Cottonwood Ranch, part of bringing you local beef Arlington VA is bringing you beef from cows that have always been outside. Black Angus cattle are a breed of cattle that reach full maturity at two years of age. The average age of slaughter at a commercial farm is a mere 20 months or younger. To bring you organic beef Arlington VA, we allow the cattle to fully mature before we even consider them for slaughter.

The quality of local beef Arlington VA when it comes to Black Angus beef is unparalleled. The marbling—which is another term for the flecks of fat found in the muscle of the animal—is particularly noted in Black Angus cows. The marbling effect is even more apparent with grass-fed beef Arlington VA because the cows are allowed to naturally develop and eat a natural diet, enhancing the great taste of their beef.


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Local Beef Delivery Arlington VA

Organic beef Arlington VA at Cottonwood Ranch is heart-healthy, higher in nutrients, and even has antioxidants and cancer-fighting agents. This is something you won’t find at the local supermarket, no matter how “local” they claim their meats are. Trust only grass-fed beef Arlington VA at a true local ranch in your area. Cottonwood Ranch is proud to be a part of the Arlington VA community to bring you local beef Arlington VA—with free delivery!