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Being an integral part of the Northern Virginia community by providing the area with great local, grass-fed, organically-raised beef is what’s important to us at Cottonwood Ranch.

Cottonwood Ranch is run by Paul and Kristen and their five children. We enjoy giving back to the community by providing local food that everyone can be proud of. Our grass-fed beef is totally natural and our cattle eat a natural diet of grasses supplemented with certified-organic hay and beer mash. The grass they eat is never treated with pesticides or insecticides.

We’re committed to keeping our family along with our community natural, safe, and healthy. By providing natural grass-fed beef that’s sustainably raised and harvested, our community gets to experience the family feel of our ranch and the animals that are a part of it.

communityCottonwood Ranch is located in the Shenandoah Valley in Front Royal, Virginia, where our family lives and works.

Since we love our community, we strive to raise the best cattle to provide Northern Virginia with the best grass-fed beef. This means no unnatural substances, ever, and it also means treating our animals humanely.

Getting our animals care when they’re sick, transporting them to the local slaughterhouse ourselves, and breeding and raising our own beef keeps our community feel strong. We care for the area in which we live and the practices we conduct in it. That’s why we never use insecticides or pesticides that harm our environment and the food that we grow in it. That’s also why we never use antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, which are unnatural to the cattle. Keeping our cattle as nature intended allows them to be born and raised in a healthy, happy environment.

Our cattle are always free-range and are not confined, ever.

At Cottonwood Ranch, our family is committed to giving back to the community that we live in and serve. Buying locally-sourced food from your community is a great way to encourage local growth and to know exactly where your food comes from. When you know where your food comes from, how it was raised and treated, and what’s in it, you ensure that you’re making positive choices for you and your family.

At Cottonwood Ranch, we’re all about keeping our family safe, happy, and healthy. That’s why we value the community in which we live and provide grass-fed beef to. Our Black Angus cattle are bred and raised exclusively on our family owned and operated farm in Front Royal, Virginia. The convenience of being able to pick up your local beef directly from the farm where it was born and raised or to have your local grass-fed beef delivered by the family that was with the cattle their whole lives and took care of them is something you just won’t find at supermarkets.

buy grass fed beef winchester virginiaConnecting with your food and family is easy

Cottonwood Ranch is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best organically-raised, grass-fed beef there is. Part of our dedication to the community is having an open-door policy and being completely transparent about what happens on our ranch. You and your family are welcome to make an appointment to come and see the ranch, which can be a great way to show your kids where local food comes from in their community, as well as the importance of getting locally-sourced food that’s humanely treated and organically raised.

Our commitment to community also extends to any questions you may have—please contact us if you have any questions at all about our practices or our cattle or the beef. We’ll be happy to talk with you and your family.

At Cottonwood Ranch, we’re proud to be a part of the Northern Virginia community. That’s why we’re committed to provide the best grass-fed beef in the area through natural, humane, and organic practices.