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It’s no secret that what we eat influences our bodies in huge ways—the same is true for animals. Only the best beef comes from the best animals. This means only organic feed and no growth hormones.

local grass fed beef for sale northern virginiaHealthy, local, grass-fed beef is easier to find than you think. Grass-fed beef has become recognized for its numerous health benefits in addition to tasting great and being a safer meat for you and your family. People are now asking where to buy grass-fed beef because grass-fed beef trumps conventional beef every time. In the wild, cattle would naturally eat grasses and graze daily. Today, conventionally-raised cattle are packed into huge factory farms, which aren’t really farms at all, because the animals never eat grass, don’t go outside, and are usually sick on account of this lifestyle.

At Cottonwood Ranch, our passion is to keep our cattle as close to nature as possible. This is why the cattle that our grass-fed beef comes from is outside all the time, even in winter, when there isn’t much grass. When this happens, we supplement their diets with certified organic hay and beer mash from local breweries in Virginia. Our cattle are safe and cared for by only our family, so you know we have an investment in the local communities that we proudly serve our beef to.

Where To Buy Grass Fed Beef

local grass fed beef

When you’re considering where to buy grass-fed beef from, consider our grass-fed beef at Cottonwood Ranch. Grass-fed beef has numerous health benefits that conventional beef simply can’t offer. This is because factory farm cows are fed unnatural grains in addition to living in confined spaces. Their digestive systems cannot tolerate these grains, therefore their meat is full of unhealthy fats and unusually low in nutrients. The cattle also frequently become sick as a result of this unnatural lifestyle, and they even produce more methane gas, therefore contributing to the pollution of the ozone layer of our atmosphere.

Grass-fed beef from Cottonwood Ranch answers your question as to where to buy grass-fed beef from. Our ranch is family-owned, located locally in Front Royal, Virginia, and we only treat our cattle humanely. Our family breeds and raises our own Black Angus cattle on our ranch. Grass-fed beef doesn’t get any more local than that.


Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that grass-fed beef has to offer:


  • Lower in fat and calories. You might have been cautioned that meat gives you heart disease, but consider the meat you’re eating. Factory farm meat tends to be high in fat and calories while providing little nutrients on the account of the animal it came from and what it was fed. With grass-fed beef, a third to a half of the fat you’re getting with conventional beef is gone, leaving you with only nutritious, healthy, grass-fed beef that’s lower in fat and calories.
  • Healthier fats. Not all fat is bad for you. In fact, the right kinds of fats promote a healthy weight, nourish our cell membranes, and keep our bodies healthy. Grass-fed beef has healthier fats than conventional beef, which can also contribute to a lower cholesterol level.
  • More antioxidants. Grass-fed beef has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than conventional beef. This is because the cattle have been allowed to live as they would in nature—eating natural, pesticide-free grasses and getting plenty of sunshine. Healthy cows mean healthy meat.
  • Free of unnatural substances. When you’re looking for where to buy grass-fed beef, consider that at Cottonwood Ranch we use no hormones, antibiotics, or other unnatural substances such as steroids on our cattle. Your meat will be free of any types of weird bacteria or chemicals that you don’t want to be putting into your body.

Northern Virginia Beef Grass Fed

Avoid Dangerous Bacteria In Your Meat

Conventional beef has been found to have several different types of bacteria in it. These bacteria most likely result from the cattle’s unnatural life at a commercial farm. Studies have shown that at least one of these types of bacteria remains even after proper cooking.

At Cottonwood Ranch, our grass-fed beef is free of “superbugs” that are in commercial meats. The question of where to buy grass-fed beef comes from the methods of modern farming—years ago, grass-fed beef would be a given as there was no other way to raise an animal than by letting it eat what it would eat in nature. Today, people are asking where to buy grass-fed beef because they recognize the health benefits of grass-fed beef and the natural lifestyle that comes with beef that’s been organically-raised in a natural environment.


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High quality grass fed beef

Grass-fed beef means that the cattle have been allowed to wander free as nature intended and graze on natural grasses. This also means that their beef is healthier, full of nutrients, and lower in fat and calories. When you’re looking at where to buy grass fed beef from, look no further than our happy cows at Cottonwood Ranch.