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Local Grass Fed Beef Maryland

Finding local beef in Maryland can be challenging—much of the land that was dedicated to farming has been taken over to create more buildings and houses, therefore increasing reliance on factory farms for people to get their meat.

Buying local beef in Maryland is still important, and buying locally has its benefits in addition to buying meat that’s been kept in the area as well as not treated with any hormones or chemicals. Buying meat at the supermarket is a gamble—from “superbugs” that are present even after cooking to hormones and antibiotics to just plain sick animals, the meat you’re getting there is not organic beef Maryland. Even organic standards by the USDA dictate that chemicals can still be used as long as they’re organically-derived.

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At Cottonwood Ranch, we believe that true organic beef Maryland is actually local beef Maryland. Staying local for your food needs means you’re not getting beef that you’ve no idea where it came from or what sort of life it had.

Our family ranch is located in Front Royal, Virginia, less than two hours’ drive from the Maryland line. We’re here to provide you with grass-fed beef Maryland and we deliver free with a $250 purchase! We raise our own Black Angus cows right here on our ranch and they’re cared for humanely and ethically by our family.

Local beef delivery in Maryland is easier to find than you think—simply order with us and choose to either come pick up your beef by appointment or have it delivered. We’re very flexible and accommodating and can even meet you halfway. With our affordable grass-fed beef Maryland, we’re the best option around for people looking to experience the great taste and benefits of grass-fed beef Maryland.

Grass-fed beef Maryland has numerous health benefits in addition to supporting a healthy lifestyle and your local community. Grass-fed beef Maryland includes:

  • More vitamins and minerals. Conventional beef has been raised in a less-than-ideal environment (usually inside, fed unnatural grains, and injected with hormones). This means the quality of the beef is compromised and you’re getting beef that’s not been allowed to mature or live as it would in nature. With grass-fed beef Maryland, you’re getting more vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.
  • Healthier fats. Grass-fed beef Maryland is lower in fat and calories, but it still has some of the healthy fats that come with raising a cow pastorally. These healthy fats actually encourage a healthy cholesterol level and can help you have a healthy heart.
  • More antioxidants. Antioxidants such as vitamin E protect your heart and can help slow down the aging process. Only organic beef Maryland can provide you with these great benefits!


Organic Beef Is Healthier

When you eat organic beef it means that no hormones were used to make the animal grow faster. Growth hormones in meat are still present even after cooking and can negatively impact your health and can encourage unrestricted cell growth and enlarged organs. Ensure that your local beef Maryland is the best by choosing the best.

At Cottonwood Ranch, we allow our cattle to mature naturally and fully. They live their entire lives with our family here in Front Royal before they’re transported—by us—locally to be slaughtered at a USDA-approved and inspected slaughterhouse. Here the cattle are ensured to be healthy before dying humanely. Their organic beef Maryland is then left to age for just shy of two weeks to give it the best tenderness and flavor.


Avoid Bad Fats In Conventional Beef

Conventional beef is also higher in “bad” fats that encourage high cholesterol levels and a diet heavy in this type of meat can lead to heart disease, the number one killer of men and women in the United States. Our organic beef Maryland is totally different from this conventionally-raised beef. It’s healthier, contains more nutrients, and is lower in fat and calories. We take pride in the way we raise our cattle to provide you with the best local beef Maryland.

Our cattle are allowed to graze as they wish on our ranch and their diet is only supplemented with a beer mash that contains wheat, barley, and hops from local breweries in Alexandria VA. This beer mash doesn’t contain any corn, which is usually genetically modified, and is easy for the cattle to digest along with being packed with healthy enzymes to ensure they’re getting proper nutrition. We also feed our cattle a certified organic hay blend in the winter when natural grasses are scarce.

Buy locally and invest in your community with local beef Maryland. Your body will thank you for it!


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Why Organic?

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  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

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Local Beef Maryland

Getting organic beef Maryland is easy at Cottonwood Ranch. From getting grass-fed beef’s benefits to being able to see the cattle and where they’re raised to getting the best local beef Maryland, we’re sure you’ll love our beef. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with us.