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Cottonwood Ranch is located in Front Royal, Virginia to bring you the best local beef Front Royal VA. Many people don’t have the opportunity to get truly local beef due to their location. However, if you’re looking for local beef Front Royal VA, Cottonwood Ranch is right in your hometown!

Our ranch is owned and operated by our family—Paul, Kristen, and our five children. We’re committed to bringing you the best grass-fed beef Front Royal VA. We believe in using only natural practices to breed and raise our cattle to bring you organic beef Front Royal VA. This way we’re helping to support a healthy community, one in which we have a truly personal investment in.

local grass fed beef front royalLocal Grass Fed Beef Delivery Front Royal VA

At Cottonwood Ranch, we believe that in order to get quality organic beef Front Royal VA, the cattle need to be allowed to mature naturally, so we never use any growth hormones or steroids. We also believe that the cattle have a right to live as they would in nature, so we don’t use antibiotics. There’s no need to use antibiotics because our grass-fed beef Front Royal VA is healthy. It’s full of healthy fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and has a lower calorie count. This is because grass-fed beef Front Royal VA comes from cattle that are grazing all the time, just as they would in the wild.

Our cattle are 100% free-range and have total freedom on our pastures. We believe this makes the best organic beef Front Royal VA because the cows are not sick, not confined, and allowed to age naturally. We also allow the local beef Front Royal VA from our cattle to come to full maturity before slaughtering the animal, while at commercial farms, most cattle are slaughtered at a much younger age than this.

find local grass fed beef delivery in front royal virginiaBuying Local Organic Beef Is A Healthy Choice

Grass-fed beef in Front Royal VA is nothing like what you’ll find at the supermarket. The beef you’re buying at the supermarket most likely came from a sick animal that was fed unnatural, genetically-modified grains. The beef you’re buying also likely came from a cow that was confined all its life. This is because the free-range standards of the United States only dictate that at some point in its life, the animal has been allowed access to the outside. This is easily done by opening up a door through which the cattle will probably be too scared to go through. This is not local beef Front Royal VA, even if it claims to be.

At Cottonwood Ranch, we’re committed to keeping our cattle as well as their beef truly local to provide you with the best organic beef Front Royal VA. This is why our slaughterhouse is local (a mere 40 minutes away), and we transport the cattle ourselves in small numbers so as to allow comfort and prevent overcrowding. We also breed and raise our Black Angus cattle right here in Front Royal. The only time the cattle ever leave our farm is to be transported to the plant where they’ll be processed. Local beef Front Royal VA at Cottonwood Ranch is truly local.

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FREE Home Delivery In Front Royal

We also provide free home delivery for your organic beef Front Royal VA, which adds even more local value to the local beef Front Royal VA that you’re ordering. The beef truly comes from our family to yours. We deliver on the third Saturday of every month. If that doesn’t suit you, simply schedule a time to come and pick up your order. This way you can also see the ranch and the cattle in their home. Why would you pick up beef from the supermarket that you’ve no idea where it came from when you can trust a local family-run ranch to give you the quality, grass-fed beef Front Royal VA that you’ve been looking for?

You can trust that our grass-fed beef in Front Royal VA is truly grass-fed. Our cattle only eat natural grasses from our pasture, which are never treated with chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides, which we believe harm our environment and our community as well as the animals and people who live in them. We supplement the cattle’s diet to ensure proper nourishment with certified organic hay as well as a beer mash. This comes from local breweries and consists of wheat, barley, and hops, so there’s no grains in there that would be hard for the cattle to digest as well as no GMOs to bring you organic beef Front Royal VA.


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Why Organic?

  • No hormones used
  • Diet of organic grasses
  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

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Local Beef Delivery Front Royal Virginia

We’re located conveniently in Front Royal, Virginia to provide you and your family with true local beef Front Royal VA. Don’t compromise on quality or healthy food, especially when it comes to organic beef Front Royal VA—get locally-sourced food right here in your hometown that’s been humanely treated and is grass-fed beef Front Royal VA.