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Local Grass Fed Beef Winchester VA

A mere 30 minutes outside of Winchester, Cottonwood Ranch is proud to provide the Winchester residents with true local beef in Winchester VA. Getting grass-fed beef Winchester VA is close and easy—simply order to schedule a pickup date from us and we’ll gladly accommodate you, or we provide free delivery with a $250 purchase.

Many people today consider organic beef Winchester VA to be the only choice when it comes to eating meat. While leaner meats such as chicken are regarded to be healthier, these claims are based on the fact that commercial beef is unhealthy due to the living conditions and diet of the cattle at factory farms. True grass-fed beef Winchester VA comes from cattle that are allowed to live naturally and are fed a natural diet.

organic grass fed beef winchester vaLocal Grass Fed Beef Delivery Winchester Virginia

In fact, at Cottonwood Ranch, our cattle are outside 100% of the time. We pride ourselves on providing true local beef Winchester VA because our cattle are truly local—they’re not outsourced nor imported from anywhere else. The cattle you see at Cottonwood Ranch were born here and raised here. When it comes time to slaughter, we transport the cattle ourselves to a local slaughterhouse in Edinburgh. We’re committed to keeping local beef in Winchester VA local.

Grass-fed beef Winchester VA has numerous health benefits that makes the beef highly regarded today. Our Black Angus cattle provide a superior quality of local beef Winchester VA. From their unique fat marbling throughout the muscle to their delicious tenderness and flavor, the grass-fed beef Winchester VA that we provide is like no other. This is because our cattle are fed a diet that consists only of natural grasses supplemented with certified organic hay and beer mash from local breweries in Alexandria VA. The beer mash provides the cattle with necessary enzymes from wheat, barley, and hops to help keep them properly nourished. This also means that when providing you with organic beef Winchester VA, we’re committed to not using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) such as are found in corn.

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Our Cattle Is Always Grass Fed

Corn is the standard diet of many commercial factory farm cattle today. Unfortunately, corn is a grain that’s unnatural to cattle and is hard for them to digest. Many times, this makes the cattle sick and unhealthy, which provides an inferior quality of beef and requires the use of antibiotics. This also means the cattle produce much more methane gas as a result of their poor digestion, therefore damaging the quality of our atmosphere through these poor animal-raising techniques.

Grass-fed beef Winchester VA is natural and healthy. Cows are natural grazers and need natural grasses to be healthy. At Cottonwood Ranch, our cows are grazing all the time, even in winter. We ensure they have the nutrition that they need by supplementing their diet with the organic hay and beer mash to bring you the best local beef Winchester VA.

buy grass fed beef winchester virginiaWe Deliver Real Natural Local Beef

In order to ensure your peace of mind when ordering organic beef Winchester VA from us, we’re completely open about our ranch and the practices that we do here. Any questions you may have are welcome and you’re even welcome to come see our ranch by appointment. We have nothing to hide here at Cottonwood Ranch. Our ranch is solely family owned and operated, so you know we’re committed to providing the community with the best local beef Winchester VA, because we live and work here, too.

You simply can’t trust commercial meat companies to deliver on the true quality that grass-fed beef Winchester VA offers. Many of these companies outsource their animals, and this means the animals are forced to travel from far distances overcrowded in trucks. This is not local beef Winchester VA. When you’re looking for a true local ranch, it doesn’t get any more local than Cottonwood Ranch for your organic beef Winchester VA.

Post-slaughter, we allow our grass-fed beef Winchester VA to be aged for just under two weeks. This enhances the flavor of the Black Angus organic beef Winchester VA as well as the tenderness.

We look forward to meeting you and your family and introducing you to grass-fed beef Winchester VA!



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Why Organic?

  • No hormones used
  • Diet of organic grasses
  • Free from GMO’s
  • Fed hay free of pesticides

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Local Grass Fed Beef Winchester Virginia

Our cows provide the best local beef Winchester VA because they’re truly local—they’re born on our farm, raised by our family, and are with us until the moment they arrive at the local plant that processes them. Here the inspector ensures the cattle are healthy before slaughter. They then die a quick and humane death.