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Local Grass Fed Beef Delivery Alexandria VA

When considering local grass fed beef Alexandria VA, you’re ideally looking for a true farm-to-table meal. Organic beef Alexandria VA that’s truly local isn’t always easy to find. Even if you find a butcher shop, there’s no actual cows there, and the person chopping up your meat has likely never even seen a cow. How can these places deliver on the quality of grass-fed beef Alexandria VA that you’re looking for?

grass fed beef delivery alexandria virginiaThis is where purchasing local beef Alexandria VA comes in. Buying locally-sourced food is an integral part of supporting the community where you live as well as getting the best food out there. Choosing organic beef Alexandria VA is choosing to be a part of a lifestyle that supports your health, wellness, and limits your reliance on huge corporations where the animals are not treated well.

Local Grass Fed Beef Delivery Alexandria VA

Cottonwood Ranch provides local beef Alexandria VA to the residents without compromise. Our standards for the ranch we own and operate in Fort Royal VA are high, and we strive to provide organic beef Alexandria VA so that we encourage a world that we believe in—humane treatment of animals, chemical-free land, and natural growth of our cattle. Grass-fed beef Alexandria VA is important to us here at Cottonwood Ranch because we know and value the grass-fed pastoral lifestyle of cattle.

At our family-owned ranch, we raise Black Angus cattle that stay at our farm for their entire lives. We work hard to ensure the animals are safe, cared for, and never in contact with any unnatural chemicals. Our local beef Alexandria VA is truly local—we provide the residents of Alexandria with beef that’s only ever been on our farm and is slaughtered locally. Our cattle are healthy, happy, and make great grass-fed beef Alexandria VA.

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Alexandria Virginia Local Organic Grass Fed Beef

Organic beef Alexandria VA means that we never use any growth hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. We believe that cattle should be naturally as they would be without human interaction—grazing on natural grasses and organic hay. To further keep our organic beef Alexandria VA pure, we supplement the cattle’s diet with a beer mash from local breweries in Alexandria VA. This mash ensures the cattle get the nutrients they need from ingredients in beer mash such as wheat, barley, and hops. This means our cattle are not given any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in addition to having a diet of natural grasses and organic hay.

Local beef Alexandria VA means we keep our beef truly local, organically-raised, and grass-fed. Grass-fed beef Alexandria VA has some great benefits as opposed to conventional meats. It has less fat, more nutrients, and is free of any bacteria you’ll find in commercial meats. To make our organic beef Alexandria VA even better, our cattle are always treated well. In fact, we have an open-door policy at Cottonwood Ranch—make an appointment with us to come see the cows in their natural environment.

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Choose Grass Fed Local Beef Delivery

Grass-fed beef Alexandria VA comes from cows that are outdoors at all times. This ensures they’re able to graze as much as they need during the months when the grass is plentiful. During the colder winter months, we feed our cattle certified-organic hay and the local beer mash in addition to their grazing. This keeps local beef Alexandria VA local. You’ll never see our cattle confined or treated inhumanely. Our family takes care of the cattle from the day they’re born. We care about our animals and about the community that we serve.

Organic beef Alexandria VA means not using any pesticides or insecticides on the grass that our cattle eat every day. We believe this would negatively impact the health of our cattle and compromise the quality of the beef. In addition to our grass-fed beef Alexandria VA, we only supplement with quality certified-organic hay that’s part of a cow’s natural diet. The beer mash does not contain any unnatural grains such as corn to ensure the cow’s digestion remains healthy.

At Cottonwood Ranch, we believe that local beef Alexandria VA should be truly local and cared for by the people who raise and support our community. That’s why our ranch is exclusively operated by our family and our cattle are with us until the day they’re transported to the slaughterhouse.

Grass-fed beef Alexandria VA is a great choice for those looking to eat meat while still living a healthy and active lifestyle—with healthy fats, more vitamins and minerals, and less calories than commercial meat, we know you’ll love your grass-fed beef Alexandria VA.



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Local Beef Delivery Alexandria Virginia

Our organic beef Alexandria VA is taken less than an hour away to a local USDA approved slaughterhouse, where an inspector ensures the cattle are healthy before they’re killed humanely. Local beef Alexandria VA stays local even during the processing process—our cattle are never transported in harsh or uncomfortable conditions and they’re never overcrowded into trucks. Our family takes the cattle there and sees them off.