Why Buy Organic Beef Northern Virginia?

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Benefits Of Organic Beef In Northern Virginia

Today more than ever, consumers are more conscious of the purchases they make—and with good reason! With so many chemicals being used in our world, consciousness of the purchases we make has every reason to take a central spot in consumerism.

This is also the reason why more people are choosing organic—organic meat and produce can effectively reduce the number of manmade chemicals like pesticides and antibiotics that you consume. Organic beef Northern Virginia enables families to feel good about their purchase of quality meat and to reap the health benefits of natural, locally-grown beef.

Why else should you choose organic beef Northern Virginia?

No Antibiotics or Hormones

organic beef northern virginiaIn order to keep up with the demand for food, factory farms have created environments for cattle that involve being unnaturally confined in unsanitary conditions. In an effort to keep the cattle alive until they reach slaughtering age, antibiotics are often given to combat sickness and keep the cattle in fair condition.

Many of these cattle on huge corporate farms are also given hormones to help them grow faster. The average age for a cow to be slaughtered is only 18 months. When you choose organic beef Northern Virginia, the angus cattle are always raised to their full maturity, which is a minimum of 24 months old.

Organic means no manmade chemicals are used in or on the cattle—so antibiotics and hormones never make the cut with organic beef Northern Virginia.


Pesticide and Herbicide-Free Pasture

benefits of locally raised beefGrasses are the natural diet of cattle and make healthy beef that can’t be replicated by a diet of mostly grains. Organic beef Northern Virginia means that no pesticides or herbicides are used on the pastures that the cattle graze on. The use and trace consumption of pesticides and herbicides has been linked to cancer, infertility, and more health problems.

When you choose organic beef Northern Virginia, you’re choosing the meat of an animal that’s never consumed grasses treated with unnatural chemicals. This brings you nutritious, healthy beef that’s chemical-free!

Ethical and Natural Treatment

Organic standards dictate that the animals receive no antibiotics or hormones. This means the animals that make organic beef Northern Virginia are never confined in such a way that would promote unhealthy conditions to warrant the use of antibiotics or given hormones to accelerate their growth.

The cattle are allowed to mature and behave as they would in nature—grazing on pastoral grasses that are never chemically treated. The meat you’re getting when you purchase organic beef Northern Virginia comes from animals that were ethically and humanely treated their entire lives.


Locally Owned and Operated

buying organic beef in northern vaEven if you choose organic beef at the supermarket, it’s likely you’ve no idea where that beef came from. In fact, U.S standards now allow manufacturers to decline to disclose the origin of the meat on the label. How can you trust that your organic beef was from a reputed farm with ethical practices?

When you choose local organic beef Northern Virginia, you’re choosing quality meat from a single ranch that’s locally owned and operated. When your meat comes from a reputable source nearby, you can feel good about purchasing beef that you know exactly where it came from and how the animal was treated.

The impact your food makes on your health is huge—so choose organic beef Northern Virginia. Free of antibiotics and hormones, pastorally raised on grasses never treated with chemicals, and humane treatment make your choice to support local Northern Virginia farms an impactful one.

Organic beef Northern Virginia enables you and your family to enjoy nutritious meat that’s been ethically raised and naturally produced!